Sexy swingers welcomes you!

OK, we could tell you what a wonderful time you would have as a member, but why spoil the surprise, when you can join up for free?!

Don't want to give your email address out?
Don't worry, our purpose built system has inbuilt private web messaging. This means when a message is sent to you, we send you an email, telling you that you have mail waiting on the site to collect....

Want to see pictures of who you're chatting up?
Don't worry, our members can upload their own pics, and so can you. All free of charge! New members are not accepted without a picture!

Not sure what to put in your advert?
The only things we do not allow in your advert are anything illegal, website addresses and email addresses. You can of course message people with your email address if you wish. However we do not show them next to your advert for our members security. This way only the people you wish to have your email address will have it!

Why did we make this site?
Easy! We're swingers, hubby's a programmer, and we were sick of the same old sites we went on, so we made our own!

So go on, which is the site admin's advert?
That would be cheating, but we are in there ;). We like to keep our fun and the knowledge that we run this site seperate. Stops all the "Can you have a look at this?" mail, when we're trying to feel up a lovely pair of breasts....

Can I change my advert?
Yep, at any time. You can control your account fully, by our users admin panel inside the site!